With a retail career spanning over 20 years, Andrew held senior positions at Kingfisher plc and Superdrug. He is now a retail writer, former Forbes contributor, IBM Futurist, author of the book ‘Harry Was Right All Along’ and founder of Retail Reflections. Andrew is a member of the IORMA - The Global Consumer Commerce Centre Advisory Board, a member of REAN, an Advisory Board member at Retail Week, Founder of the Retail Advisory Board and editor for a large Retail Technology magazine. With this wealth of experience, you can understand why he is one of the most high-profile figures in retail, whether it's regularly featuring in the top 20 lists of global retail influencers or commenting in the media via TV, radio or the national press.

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Andrew Busby

Global Industry Leader Retail at Software AG, founder Retail Reflections, best selling author, former Forbes contributor, global retail influencer.